Edward S. Clark


Florida Crackerlections
35,000 words, 20 illustrations

Fifty six stories of Old Florida. Not the Florida of Flagler or Vanderbilt, but the work-a-day people and their lives. The commercial fishermen, gator hunters, grove workers, and all the people who actually made the state work. In this book Ed Clark tells stories he remembers hearing from his grandparents as well as those from his 70+ years in Florida. A third generation Floridian, he brings to the reader the humor and perspective of old Florida before superhighways, chain stores, and concrete block houses. It is a book about the way things used to be...


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Gentry’s Gamble
49,000 words, 12 Illustrations

Rod Gentry is known as a ‘buyer of last resort’. When nobody else can solve the problems of a real estate deal, they come to him. Now he has a new and personal mission. He’ll replace the dilapidated oceanfront apartment house left him by his father and build one of those snazzy new condominium buildings. But there is a problem. Rod is broke.

But that never stopped any real estate man worth his salt. He intends to parlay a thousand dollars and two credit cards into the half million he needs to build his condominium. But Rod hasn’t reckoned with a duplicitous fellow Realtor and a crooked buyer, nor could he have anticipated his wife’s abduction and attempted murder by her ex-husband.

On top of it all, an international smuggler is trying to run off his tenants and steal his apartment house. He finds himself looking down the barrel of the smuggler’s gun. Help shows up from a surprising source—his new tenant, the mysterious Harry Fletcher, who has his own reasons for hunting the smuggler.

This is a story of how an ordinary person overcome great obstacles when challenged. It is also a love story. “’Hi’, he said and bent down to kiss her on her bandaged forehead. She smiled with swollen lips. One eye was shut and the other was black and blue. Her face was a mass of insect stings. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.”


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Gentry’s Intracoastal
68,000 words, 12 Illustrations

Set in the land of sunshine on the sparkling waters of the Indian River of coastal Florida. A clever young real estate operator fights to rehabilitate a small but potentially beautiful marina, the “hurricane hole” sought by boats when wild winds rage. Rod Gentry battles sabotage, arson, and a crooked county commissioner to make a name for the marina and enough money to fulfill his wife’s hopes of building a new children’s home. The blond-haired orphan waif Rachel, in a wheelchair, inspires him to reach higher than he ever thought of reaching.

In the end it is his marina tenants, living on their boats, that protect and support him. Bill Croft, the dock master, is fiercely loyal, even when it means taking his shotgun to intruders. Abe Pickett, ex-mercenary and Bill’s friend, solves problems with plastic explosives in the middle of the night. And Winston English, the stunt man who lives at the marina gives Rod an astounding perspective of what the marina could become, and why it should.


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Gentry's Challenge

Gentry's Challenge

  A young businessman is entrusted with the job of restoring a dilapidated, crumbling apartment complex.  But he finds the physical problems of the property are the least part of his concerns.  Slum tenants present special problems he's never had before. Shakedown artists, crooked city officials, and drug gangs all have their part in breeding misery to the near hopeless unfortunates who live in the complex. Rod Gentry has never experienced anything like this, and before he’s through, he'll have an education they don't teach you about in college



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Save 70% When You Build Your Next Custom Home or Cabin
33,000 words, 19 illustrations

The times are dictating a new look at how the essentials of life, such as housing, are gotten. This book lays out a successful way to achieve more living at less cost. It will appeal to do-it-yourselfers across the spectrum of schoolteachers with summers off, municipal workers such as firemen who have two or more days a week free, and retirees itching to get their hands into useful work. For people who like working with their hands, this is a fun, often humorous road map to getting a mortgage-free home or weekend cabin, or alternatively, owning a larger home for a modest investment.

From planning your home or cabin to building it, this book guides you through the process of buying your land at a bargain price, building your house or cabin for 30 cents on the dollar, and ENJOYING it! The book shows how to deal amicably with building inspectors, finance the little that your new home does cost, and much more.

The author is a retired real estate and investment property manager. He fulfilled a lifelong ambition to build his own home with his own hands when he retired. He is also the author of Florida Crackerlections, a collection of old Florida stories, and past editor of Brevard Insider, a daily local political newsletter. He lives in Grant-Valkaria, Florida with his wife Sherry.


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Life's Liquor an Autobiography

Life's Liquor

  One man's trip through the last 75 years. Sometimes tragic, often funny, for the young a story of pitfalls to avoid; for the old a reminiscence of life gone by. Not a historical document. As the author tells you up front, “This book is full of lies.  Why?  Because it is written from memory, and memory is the greatest liar…”  No graphs, no tables, no footnotes. Just easy reading.

  And at the end, the author indulges himself with a few observations on life in general. After all, he did spend 75 years accumulating them. So he has a right.


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